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Apr 3, 2013 11:00pm EDT
of violence days after from returning to march in washington d.c. for the inaugural parade for barack obama. we bring her forward because even at the national mall as the space of healing, the symbolic justice granted for those of us can only be guaranteed further with further forms of action beyond the maps of the boundaries to carry forward through tragedy and transformation we say the names of michael eric dyson and scholars and leaders have taught me and so many others so much about intellectual inquiry expose the head and a heart in zero ways between people. to the 250,000 attendees of the march whose names we don't know well enough, we hope to know more of you. we want to hear your stories and we want to be able to record them and to seek them out as our history as well as our pathway for work. -- forward. finally leonard freed whose photographs confirmed a profound duty and historical significance of the cabinet -- gathering with action and democratic transformation in his memory and with photographs to inform our future we say his name name, leonard freed come and express our gratit
Apr 1, 2013 11:00pm EDT
a candidate who you believe in and go to work for them. >> i agree. i was in washington d.c. in 2006 helping with the democratic senate campaign and senator obama said if i do this you will go with me, right? i said sure. right then i decided to go with obama over clinton before i even ask what was your biggest fund-raiser? i have all lady in san diego who pays 35,000. great. going up against the clinton administration he had a database of 20,000 addresses but i believed he would be the best nominee and president and it has been a fun ride. >> i had not had experience on a political campaign but to reinforce that i joined governor ron a working for him at the olympics in salt lake city you said i will run for governor will you work on my campaign? i had no interest in politics at that point*. i said no, i'm not interested in my wife said you crazy tell him we will move to boston. and three years later, he asked me to be the national finance director for the campaign. i had no idea what campaign fund-raising was but pick somebody you believe in and you will do a good job. >> how old were you?
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2